Sir Paul M. Nurse

Honorary Degree Recipient

Doctor of Science

College of Biological Sciences, August 2, 2007

Sir Paul M. Nurse, Nobel Laureate, is the president of Rockefeller University, New York. Prior to 2003, he served as the Director-General of the Imperial Cancer Research Fund, in the UK and before that he was the first Chief Executive of Cancer Research UK, which in Britain is the equivalent of both the American Cancer Society and National Cancer Institute. He is described as “a superb scientist and an excellent administrator who dedicates himself to improving research opportunities for everyone.” His seminal research has provided an understanding of the process by which normal cells become transformed into cancer cells. In addition to the Nobel Prize awarded to him in 2001, he has received a number of prestigious international awards, including the Louis Jeantet Prize for Medicine in Europe, the Royal Society Wellcome Medal, the Jimenez Diaz Memorial Award, and the Albert Lasker Award. In 1999, Queen Elizabeth II knighted him for his significant contributions to cell biology and cancer. He has been elected to numerous national and international academies and has been published in 254 scientific publications.

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