Frank O. Gehry

Honorary Degree Recipient

Doctor of Humane Letters

College of Architecture and Landscape Architecture and Weisman, June 12, 1999

Frank O. Gehry has made invaluable contributions to our conceptions of architecture. In 1993 the Frederick R. Weisman Art Museum, designed by Frank O. Gehry, opened to the public. It has been said that it presented a new direction for architecture at the University of Minnesota and set new standards. The architect Philip Johnson wrote that Frank Gehry is the most important architect practicing today, and he may well be one of the most important architects in this country since Frank Lloyd Wright. The long list of university appointments that Frank Gehry has held also testifies to the respect in which his academic colleagues hold him, and to his interest in sharing his insights and his enthusiasm with students. His election to the College of Fellows of the American Academy of Arts and Sciences is recognition for his broad interests as well as his broad impact on people and spaces.

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