Wallace W. Nelson

Outstanding Achievement Award Recipient

College of Agricultural, Food, and Environmental Sciences, May 18, 2001

Wallace W. Nelson received a bachelor's degree (1950) and Ph.D. (1956) from the University of Minnesota in Soil Science. He is a life-long resident of the state and spent his professional career working for the University. He started at the Northeast Experiment Station near Duluth, and later became the first Superintendent of the Southwest Experiment Station at Lamberton (College of Agriculture, Food, and Environmental Sciences). He contributed in a variety of ways to research leading to more efficient crop production while maintaining the quality of natural resources. He was often referred to as "Mr. Agriculture for Southwest Minnesota." He also served on many community and state boards and committees. He is a strong supporter of the University and helped obtain several large gifts and managed the gifted farms (over 2000 acres) for the University Foundation for a number of years. He has received numerous awards including the Outstanding Alumni Award from the College of Agriculture.

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