Ted Johnson

Outstanding Achievement Award Recipient

College of Design, November 9, 2014

Theodore (Ted) Johnson, a veteran software developer and entrepreneur with specialties in entrepreneurial leadership, software product design, software design and development, and graphics applications development, attended the School of Architecture from 1975-1978 in the College of Design. He left college to work for a computer company but returned to finish a degree in computer science in the College of Science and Engineering in 1982. Johnson is a former vice president of Microsoft Corporation and co-founder of Visio Corporation. Visio 2.0 was the first non-Microsoft application to support Microsoft’s OLE (Object Linking and Embedding) 2.0 and in-place editing. Visio, a leading product for architectural drafting made a significant impact on design in the new digital age. Johnson and five others were named “Windows Pioneers” by Windows magazine in 1994. In 1999, Visio Corp. was acquired by Microsoft for $1.3 billion and in 2000, Johnson became the vice president of Microsoft’s Business Tools Division. In 2003, Johnson retired from Microsoft and went on to co-found Trumba Corporation, a Seattle-based developer of online calendaring solutions and then in 2008 he rejoined Microsoft to lead the web graphics team. In 2012, he retired again from Microsoft. Johnson currently serves as a contributor for SNUPI Technologies, designing wireless sensors that detect water leaks and enhances home safety, security, and lost prevention in residential applications. Johnson is generous with both his time and financial resources. He served as an advisory board member for the College of Design and currently serves on the College of Science and Engineering Dean’s Advisory Board. He and his wife Linda have contributed to the establishment of the Ted and Linda Johnson Digital Design Center, which has enabled the Colleges of Design and Science and Engineering to develop one of the most advanced virtual reality labs in the country.

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