Takumi Izuno

Outstanding Achievement Award Recipient

College of Agricultural, Food, and Environmental Sciences, May 7, 2000

After receiving his Ph.D. in plant genetics from the University of Minnesota in 1960, Dr. Izuno embarked on a lifetime of service to increase food production through research in improving plant breeding, adaptation, selection, and introduction. He has 36 years of outstanding service to international agricultural research and development. Five years were spent with the University of Hawaii and 31 years were devoted to overseas development work in developing countries. Dr. Izuno has received numerous awards and recognition for his many accomplishments, including the Gold Medal award that recognized his outstanding contributions to Pakistan's agricultural development. Dr. Izuno's introduction of Akbar maize has been adopted by virtually all Pakistan farmers who grow corn under irrigated conditions. The All-University Honors Committee strongly endorsed the awarding an Outstanding Achievement Award to Dr. Takumi Izuno.

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