Shirley C. Tucker

Outstanding Achievement Award Recipient

College of Biological Sciences, September 28, 1999

Dr. Tucker received both her bachelor's (1949) and master's (1951) degrees through the Botany department at the University of Minnesota. She is recognized as the world's authority on floral development in Legumes and on many other groups of flowering plants as well. One of the outstanding attributes for this status is that Shirley Tucker has throughout her distinguished career continued to employ new approaches and methodologies. She has not only been a prodigious producer of research papers but she has also been a leader in her field and a role model and mentor to the junior members of the profession. She has been a leader in the governance of the Botanical Society of America and the American Society of Plant Taxonomists, having been elected President of both organizations - a most unusual accomplishment and clearly reflective of the high esteem of her colleagues.

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