Russell H. Susag

Outstanding Achievement Award Recipient

Institute of Technology, May 4, 2007

Russell H. Susag received his bachelor's degree in civil engineering (1956), master's and Ph.D. degrees concurrently in civil engineering (1965), from the University of Minnesota. He spent several years researching and teaching on the urban problems of water pollution and solid waste disposal at the University of Minnesota and the University of Florida-Gainesville before accepting a position at the Metropolitan Sewer Board in 1970. He joined the 3M Co. in 1974 and stayed at the company for 22 years. He rose from manager of environmental affairs to director of environmental regulatory affairs. He was responsible for managing the complex subject of landfill remediation and the company uses his work today as a benchmark for how to manage such complex projects. He served on the Richfield City Council, the Metropolitan Council, as vice chairman of the Environment Committee, chair of the Inflow-Infiltration Task Force, and as a member of the I-35 W/Crosstown Advisory Committee. He is the recipient of numerous awards such as the Arthur Sidney Bedell Award from the Water Pollution Control Federation and the Distinguished Service Award from the National Society of Professional Engineers.

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