Robert L. Herbst

Outstanding Achievement Award Recipient

College of Natural Resources, April 24, 2003

Robert Herbst received a B.S. (1957) in forest and wildlife management from the University of Minnesota. He has almost 47 years of experience as a business, environmental, and conservation executive. He has an outstanding record of domestic and international success in administration, budget planning, public speaking, writing, lobbying, natural resources, and employee relations. He served as Assistant Secretary for Fish, Wildlife, and National Parks and Acting Secretary for the U.S. Department of Interior. The Carter White House recognized him as one of the "best" subcabinet administrators. He was selected by the Clinton Administration to be the America's Board Member of the Regional Environmental Center for Central and Eastern Europe. During his career he has founded or chaired over fifteen national or international committees, commissions, councils, and foundations. He has received over 600 awards for his administrative, environmental and public service accomplishments.

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