Robert E. Buuck

Outstanding Achievement Award Recipient

Carlson School of Management, September 3, 2003

Robert E. Buuck graduated with a bachelor's degree from the Carlson School of Management in 1970, and earned an MBA in 1972. He is the co-founder of American Medical Systems, a medical device company, which manufactures and delivers innovative medical devices to treat urological disorders, including prostate disease. Not only did the company bring in countless dollars and jobs to the Minnesota economy, but it was also a model for ethical leadership and research innovation. In addition, this gifted entrepreneur has been and continues to be involved in numerous civic organizations such as the Courage Center and Habitat for Humanity. He is the recipient of several honors and recognitions from both his professional and civic affiliations. His leadership has also left an significant mark on the Carlson School of Management, where his entrepreneurial values have helped shape the school's curriculum and culture.

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