Richard A. Skok

College of Natural Resources, March 10, 1999

Dean Emeritus Richard A. Skok received his B.S. degree (1950), his M.S. degree (1954) and his Ph.D. in 1960, all from the University of Minnesota, all in forestry. Except for two years in the Army Corps of Engineers and one year spent teaching at the University of Montana, Dr. Skok's career was spent on the St. Paul Campus. In the 1950s he began his illustrious academic career. In 1967 Dr. Skok moved into administration and in 1974 he became Dean of the College of Forestry and served with distinction in that role for 19 years until his retirement in 1993. Dr. Skok's accomplishments are most substantial and cover a remarkable range. His leadership and vision of expanding the College's mission to include the University's Department of Fish and Wildlife Management in 1983 resulted in the Board of Regents voting to change the name of the College of Forestry to the College of Natural Resources. He has accomplished a great deal in fostering the College of Natural Resources. Today the Forest Resources program is ranked number one and Fisheries and Wildlife ranked number five in the nation. Dr. Skok has been influential in the development of forestry and related natural resources policy in the state and is recognized nationally and internationally. He has served effectively in many national educational endeavors to guide and improve education and research concerning forests and other natural resources. Dr. Skok has served on many governors committees, commissions, boards and professional organizations (nationally and internationally) and received prestigious awards for his service. It is with enthusiasm that the All University Honors Committee endorsed the awarding of an Outstanding Achievement Award to Dean Emeritus Richard A. Skok.

Outstanding Achievement Award Recipient

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