Randy Adamsick

Outstanding Achievement Award Recipient

College of Liberal Arts, December 12, 1999

Randy Adamsick received his B.A. in English from the University of Minnesota in 1976 and in the years immediately following worked as a technical supervisor in the recording industry, as a film production supervisor, and as a technical writer for an engineering company. As Executive Director of the Minnesota Film Board since 1990, Mr. Adamsick has been responsible for bringing over 60 films to Minnesota for production, including The Mighty Ducks, Grumpy Old Men, Fargo, and A Simple Plan. He is co-founder of the Minneapolis-St. Paul International Film Festival which is now the largest film festival in the Midwest (outside of Chicago) and is comparable in size and scope to festivals in San Francisco, Washington D.C., and Seattle. Mr. Adamsick has also made major educational, cultural and economic contributions to the State of Minnesota, donating his time and devoting his intellectual resources to many causes. His leadership has changed the landscape of cultural and commercial life in Minnesota and garnered national attention. The All-University Honors Committee enthusiastically endorsed the awarding of an Outstanding Achievement Award to Randy Adamsick.

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