Mary M. Tjosvold

Outstanding Achievement Award Recipient

College of Education and Human Development, November 19, 2003

Mary M. Tjosvold earned a bachelor of science degree (1964) in math education, a master's degree (1975) in educational administration and a Ph.D. (1975) in educational administration from the College of Education and Human Development. In 1987, she completed the Owner/President Management Program at Harvard Business School. She is the CEO of Mary T. Inc., an organization that provides care and services to seniors, people with physical and developmental disabilities, medically fragile children and adults, and people with traumatic brain injuries, throughout three states. She also provides 300 disability accessible rental town homes in three states at below market rates. She is a known advocate for women in business and has been recognized in several publications as a leading Minnesota entrepreneur and businesswoman. She is a nationally known author and speaker on topics ranging from cooperation and competition to ethics and corporate culture. She is a dedicated community leader and volunteer, serving as national chair of the American Refugee Committee and on numerous boards and committees, including the University of Minnesota Bioethics Center and the Minneapolis Public Schools.

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