Mark A. Pulido

Outstanding Achievement Award Recipient

College of Pharmacy, September 22, 2000

Mark Pulido earned a master's degree in pharmacy administration from the University of Minnesota College of Pharmacy in 1977. Mr. Pulido has spent his entire career in the health care industry, beginning in the wholesale pharmaceutical distribution and marketing management positions. He has held numerous positions at various levels in the industry from senior-level sales and marketing positions to chief executive officer. In 1990, he became president and chief operating officer of Red Line Healthcare Corporation, an affiliate of Sandoz International Ltd., the nation's largest provider of medical supplies and reimbursement services to the long-term care industry. In 1994 he became chief executive officer of Sandoz International Corporation, then chief executive officer in 1996. He is currently CEO of McKesson Corporation, the largest distributor of pharmaceuticals and healthcare products in the U.S. Mr. Pulido has held executive offices and committee leadership roles in several industry organizations and has served on advisory boards for a number of major healthcare companies. The All-University Honors Committee unanimously endorsed the awarding on an Outstanding Achievement Award to Mark A. Pulido from the University of Minnesota.

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