L. James Schoenwetter

Outstanding Achievement Award Recipient

Carlson School of Management, June 16, 2000

Mr. Schoenwetter earned a master's degree in business administration from the University of Minnesota in 1965. He has distinguished himself as a leader in the world of corporate finance during a career that spans nearly four decades at 3M, from which he will be retiring July 1, 1999. Mr. Schoenwetter advanced through the ranks at 3M. He held eight different positions of increasing importance, starting as an internal auditor to corporate vice president. He is described as an agent of change and innovation at 3M, helping to streamline processes in a multinational corporation, serving customers better and greatly impacting the bottom line. Mr. Schoenwetter also generously volunteers his talents to non-profit organizations such the American Cancer Society, Penda Corporation, and the St. Paul Foundation, to name a few. The All-University Honors Committee enthusiastically endorsed the awarding of an Outstanding Achievement Award to Mr. L. James Schoenwetter from the University of Minnesota.

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