Kenneth J. Kasha

Outstanding Achievement Award Recipient

College of Agricultural, Food, and Environmental Sciences, October 26, 1999

Dr. Kasha received his Ph.D. from the University of Minnesota (1962). He is a Canadian citizen who studied at the University from 1958 to 1962 under the direction of one of our most distinguished plant geneticists, the late Dr. C.R. Burnham. He held research and teaching assistantships at the University (1958-1961) and a Research Fellow position (1961-1962). After four years with Agriculture Canada in Ottawa, Dr. Kasha joined the faculty at the University of Guelph and rose to Full Professor in 1974. He served as the first Director of the Plant Biotechnology Center at the University of Guelph and Guelph-Waterloo campuses. Dr. Kasha is best known as the developer of a method for reducing the time to produce a cereal variety by about half. The discovery had a major impact on crop breeding and related research and has been used in the production of over 55 new barley varieties worldwide. Dr. Kasha has received numerous awards and recognition, including the ORDER OF CANADA in 1994 for his accomplishments in plant science. He has spoken about his research in 24 countries and published over 335 articles, book chapters, conference proceedings, and technical reports and abstracts. The All-University Honors Committee enthusiastically endorsed the awarding of an Outstanding Achievement Award from the University of Minnesota to Dr. Kenneth J. Kasha.

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