John M. Jordan

Outstanding Achievement Award Recipient

Institute of Technology, September 23, 2005

John M. Jordon, native of Minnesota, received a bachelor’s of science degree in Aerospace Engineering (1973) and master’s of science in Mechanics (1975) from the University of Minnesota. He pioneered the use of simulation technology in the design, development, evaluation, and improvement of tactical air defense systems for the United States Army. He was instrumental in the development and improvement of the Improved HAWK air defense system and later in the PATRIOT system. In 2003, the Department of Army chartered an independent review panel to determine the details of the PATRIOT system’s performance during Operation Iraqi Freedom when there were three friendly fire incidents. Jordon was selected as a co-principal investigator. The results of his comprehensive investigation were accepted by the Defense Science Board as an accurate depiction of the events. And, the Air and Missile Defense Community considered it a milestone in precluding future fratricide tragedies. He was also selected (2004) to co-chair the Medium Extended Air Defense System Sensor Assessment Panel. In addition, he is the recipient of highly competitive military awards such as the 1977 Army Missile Command Scientific and Engineering Achievement Award.

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