John J. Baldwin

Outstanding Achievement Award Recipient

Institute of Technology, June 4, 1999

Dr. Baldwin received in Ph.D. in Organic Chemistry from the University of Minnesota in 1960. His career in pharmaceutical research has been highly productive and gained him international recognition. Dr. Baldwin is recognized for his extensive contributions to medicinal chemistry, particularly in cardiovascular, neuroscience, and ophthalmological drug discovery, culminating in the development of Trusopt, Merck's important new drug for treating glaucoma. In the last five years he has guided the start-up company, Pharmacopeia, to a leading position in the new field of combinatorial chemistry. Dr. Baldwin is the author of nearly 100 publications and is named inventor on more than 160 patents. He is a member of ACS, the Philadelphia Organic Chemist's Club, and Sigma Xi and has served in editorial and advisory roles for several journals.

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