Gordon M. Sprenger

Outstanding Achievement Award Recipient

Carlson School of Management, November 24, 1998

Gordon Sprenger received his Master of Hospital Administration from the University of Minnesota in 1961. After working as a hospital administrator for many years, Mr. Sprenger recognized that the advent of managed care meant the health care delivery system would undergo massive changes. He created LifeSpan Inc. in 1982 to begin reforming health care delivery. Mr. Sprenger then merged LifeSpan with HealthSpan Health Systems in 1992. Further integration of the health care system occurred as HealthSpan and MEDICA merged in 1993 to become Allina Health System Corporation. Allina became the first integrated health care system in Minnesota and has become a model for many mergers occurring in the United States. Throughout the integration of these companies, Mr. Sprenger has continued to serve as chief executive officer. Mr. Sprenger is active in numerous professional organizations. He has served as chairman of the Board of the American Hospital Association and is a board member of multiple and important organizations both in the business community as well as in the institutional sector. Mr. Sprenger has received many awards and recognition for his significant leadership and knowledge in his field.

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