Gerald R. McKay

Outstanding Achievement Award Recipient

College of Agricultural, Food, and Environmental Sciences, April 28, 2001

Gerald R. McKay graduated from the School of Agriculture (SAUM) on the St. Paul campus in 1931. Since that time he has devoted his life to teaching, setting high standards in all things, and promoting the University of Minnesota. He is described as having been one of the most successful audio visual education specialists in the United States. He planned and developed teaching materials for use by agriculture advisory personnel in Pakistan in 1978-79. In 1961, while serving as a communications consultant for the US Agency for International Development, he received the USDA Superior Service Award for his work with Cooperative Extension Services personnel to improve teaching methods. McKay has been involved in many academic and civic activities locally. He was a member of the University Senate for 12 years, U of M Band, Twin Cities USDA Club, Gamma Sigma Delta President, President of the School of Agriculture's Alumni Association and also secretary for nine years, and Vice President of the American Association of Agriculture College Editors. Most recently he was one of the prime movers in establishing the St. Anthony Park Community Foundation.

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