Gary S. Holmes

Outstanding Achievement Award Recipient

Carlson School of Management, November 2, 2005

Gary S. Holmes, prominent business leader and benefactor, attended the University of Minnesota business school from 1965-1968. He is the president and owner of CSM Corporation, a real estate development, leasing, and property management company with headquarters in Minneapolis. Described as a self-made man, he has converted savings and loan institutions into stock companies, bought and then sold companies after improving their production and sales. One of his more recent business endeavors include the restoration of the historic Milwaukee Depot in downtown Minneapolis. As a business leader, he has created thousands of job opportunities for people not only in the state of Minnesota but nationally, with more than 130 properties in 17 states. He demonstrates his commitment and dedication to community by helping people in numerous ways, including generous giving to schools, hospitals, and the arts. He is involved with at least ten nonprofit organizations. He also encourages others to become involved. In 2000, CSM volunteers received a Volunteer Award for Outstanding Service and Commitment from the People Serving People shelter. He is also a strong supporter of the University of Minnesota Carlson School of Management, where he has helped develop its entrepreneurial program, the biotechnology incubator, and the research park.

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