David R. Hubers

Outstanding Achievement Award Recipient

Carlson School of Management, October 7, 1998

Mr. David Hubers is a double alumnus and honor student of the Carlson School of Management. He earned his Bachelor of Science degree in accounting in 1965 and his MBA in business administration in 1970. He presently is the President and CEO of American Express Financial Advisors, the largest financial planning company in the country and the largest employer in Minneapolis. Mr. Hubers began his career with American Express Financial Advisors in 1965 and has served in three major areas of the company - investments, finance and new business, such as tax and business services and property casualty insurance. Mr. Hubers is described as a genuine person with integrity, humility, honesty and dedication and an exemplary leader in the Twin Cities community. His service includes membership on the board of directors of the Investment Company Institute, Carlson School of Management, the Minnesota Business Partnership, Fairview Hospitals, and the United Way. The All-University Honors Committee enthusiastically endorsed the awarding of the Outstanding Achievement Award to David R. Hubers.

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