David R. Fesler

Outstanding Achievement Award Recipient

Carlson School of Management, December 29, 2000

David Fesler graduated from the University of Minnesota in 1950 with a bachelor's degree in business administration. He is described as an accomplished businessperson and an admired philanthropist who is "a person with a great heart." Fesler became president of both Liberty Agency, Inc. and of Wim Company in 1952. While still working for both companies, he joined his family owned lumber business, Lampert Yards, Inc., as president and director in 1966. One year later, he became president of Liberty State Bank and for the next 25 years, made sure Liberty State remained an inner-city bank focused on community development and helping individuals in need. In 1975, Fesler retired as president of Liberty Agency, Inc. and became treasurer and director of The Sussel Company and started serving as a volunteer fundraising advisor and trustee at Presbyterian homes of Minnesota, Inc., a local retirement community. One of many of his contributions to the University of Minnesota is endowment for the graduate school's first interdisciplinary chair and funding for the Fesler-Lampert Minnesota heritage Book series. The All-University Honors Committee strongly endorsed the awarding of the Outstanding Achievement Award to David R. Fesler from the University of Minnesota.

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