David Mark Golden

Outstanding Achievement Award Recipient

Institute of Technology, June 5, 1998

Dr. David Golden received his Ph.D. in Chemistry from the University of Minnesota in 1961. Since then, he has distinguished himself as a scientist and administrator, leading to his current position as Senior Vice President of the Science and Technology Group at SRI International in Menlo Park, California. His scientific accomplishments are in the area of chemical kinetics, having significantly impacted three very different areas: physical organic chemistry, combustion science, and atmospheric chemistry. He has published over 170 papers on a diverse range of subjects, and is generally recognized to be one of the top four or five kineticists in the world. Dr. Golden's contributions have been recognized by his peers through numerous awards, including the American Chemical Society Award for Creative Advances in Environmental Science and Technology and the Newcomb Cleveland Prize of the American Association for Advancement of Science. Throughout his career, Dr. Golden has served on numerous panels, advisory boards, and committees, which includes various National Academy of Science and National Research Council panels. The All-University Honors Committee strongly endorsed the awarding of an Outstanding Achievement Award to Dr. David Golden.

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