Carl N. Platou

Outstanding Achievement Award Recipient

Carlson School of Management, November 24, 1998

A double alumnus of the University of Minnesota, Mr. Platou graduated in 1949 with a Bachelor of Arts in Social Psychology, and a Masters degree in hospital administration in 1951. Mr. Platou has a distinguished career in the health care field, serving as president and CEO of Fairview Hospitals for 36 years and has attained distinction in his field on a local, national, and international level. Those who know him said that throughout his work he was a dedicated public servant working for the public good and greatly expanding the services of the Fairview Hospital group. Mr. Platou has been instrumental in starting new hospitals, such as Fairview Ridges in Burnsville. His "satellite hospital," Fairview Southdale, was the second such hospital in the nation when in opened in 1965. The Rehabilitation Center concept and the Extended Care Center are two examples of health care services developed by Mr. Platou. He was also the first to acquire a for-profit management company and turn it into a non-profit hospital group. Although Mr. Platou is now retired, he continues to serve as president emeritus of Fairview Hospitals, and is active in the health care industry.

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