Barbara J. Mowry

Outstanding Achievement Award Recipient

Carlson School of Management, November 9, 2014

Barbara J. Mowry received a master’s of business administration (MBA) in 1975 from the Carlson School of Management at the University of Minnesota. After completing her MBA, she went on to move up the ranks in three Fortune 500 companies and became CEO of four smaller ones. Her expertise includes working with small startups to help them successfully grow their business so they can be sold to investors. Mowry served as vice president of United Airlihes and founder/president/CEO of MPI, a wholly owned subsidiary of United Airlines, and as senior vice president of customer satisfaction and president of new products division of TCI (Telecommunications, Inc., which was then the largest cable television company in the U.S.). She took a short break from building businesses to mentor CEOs and advise on business strategy as TMC Consulting. By 2003, she was back as CEO/president/board member of Silver Creek Systems, a privately held venture capital-funded software company. Today, Mowry continues to advise CEOs and boards on business strategy and innovations. She is a member of many prestigious boards, including the Federal Reserve Bank of Kansas City, the Kaufmann Foundation, the National Association of Corporate Directors, Denver Branch, and the Colorado Innovation Network. Mowry has also served as director or past director for several corporate boards such as Axion Health, Gaiam, Inc., and Real Goods Solar, Inc.

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