Arvid C. Knudtson

Outstanding Achievement Award Recipient

College of Agricultural, Food, and Environmental Sciences, June 20, 2001

Arvid C. Knudtson received his bachelor's degree in technical agriculture (1950), master's degree in agricultural economics (1953) and Ph.D. in agricultural economics and economics (1957) from the University of Minnesota. From 1952 to 1957 he served as a graduate research assistant and instructor in the (then) Department of Agricultural Economics at the University of Minnesota. He was regarded as an excellent instructor and published a number of outstanding research bulletins on dairy marketing and processing. His expertise, both at the University and later in the business world, centered on financial and business management of cooperatives including those operating at the local, state, regional and U.S. levels. Along with his professional achievements, he exemplifies outstanding personal values of egalitarianism and community service.

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