Anne S. Tsui

Outstanding Achievement Award Recipient

Carlson School of Managmeent and UMD College of Liberal Arts, October 24, 2014

Anne S. Tsui received a bachelor of art degree in 1973 from the University of Minnesota Duluth and a master’s degree in 1975 from the Carlson School of Management. Currently, Tsui holds the title of Motorola Professor of International Management Emerita at Arizona State University and Distinguished Visiting Professor or Honorary Professor at Guanghua School of Management, Guanghua/CISCO Leadership Institute, Shanghai Xi’an Jiao Tong University, Fudan University, and Nanjing University. Her research focuses on organizational culture and leadership, employment relationships, guanxi network in Chinese context, and cross-cultural management. Tsui is the founder of the International Association for Chinese Management Research (IMCMR). IMCMR promotes high-quality and high-impact research on China, and has over 6,000 members globally. She is the former editor of the Academy of Management Journal (1996-1999) and also served as the president of the Academy of Management (2012). As president, Tsui is credited with helping the Academy develop and begin implementing a strategic plan. She has published six books and more than 50 articles in highly regarded refereed journals. Tsui has received numerous awards for teaching, service to the profession, and community and scholarly achievement. Her impact on her chosen field and on the lives of hundreds of students and peers is described as extraordinary.

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