Allan V. Martini

Outstanding Achievement Award Recipient

College of Science and Engineering, October 10, 2011

Allan V. Martini received a bachelor of science degree in geological engineering in the College of Science and Engineering from the University of Minnesota in 1951. After graduating, he accepted a position as exploration geologist with Chevron Corporation (than The California Company). Known as a brilliant person with deep analytical insight in all phases of offshore exploration and production, he pursued exploration that led to world-class oil and gas discoveries and ultimately industry-wide offshore production. This insight was essential to establish Chevron's leading position in petroleum production in California's continental shelf and Alaska's North Slope, in the Mississippi Delta and in Northeast Africa. His scientific and engineering acumen has greatly influenced U.S. energy production and policy in the 20th century. He demonstrated his commitment to education through the establishment of the Allan and Eleanor Martini Grant-in-Aid, American Association of Petroleum Geologists, which provides funding for graduate student thesis research. He also served on the American Association of Petroleum Geologists and as Trustee Associate of the AAPG Foundation. In addition, he served as co-chair of the United States/Sudan Business Council and as a member of the Stanford University Earth Science Advisory Committee. In 1983, he received the Award of the Order of the Republic by the government of the Sudan to recognize leadership in the discovery and development of petroleum in the Sudan. And, as a salute to his innovation and achievements in the offshore energy industry, he was inducted into the Offshore Energy Center's Pioneers Hall of Fame in 2007. He retired from Chevron in 1988 when he was the Director and Worldwide Vice President of Exploration and Production.

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