Richard P. Teske

Honorary Degree Recipient

Doctor of Laws

University of Minnesota, Duluth, May 15, 2010

Richard P. Teske graduated from the University of Minnesota Duluth in 1971 with a degree in history. Currently, he is President and Chief Executive Officer of Strategic Advocacy LLC, a health care consulting firm. A nationally recognized expert on health care, he has held a number of positions in the private and public sector, including service during the administration of President Ronald Reagan where he served as the White House liaison and primary briefer on health issues. For more than 30 years, he has advised and worked with state, federal and international government leaders and many of the largest managed care, pharmaceutical, biotech, medical technology, long-term care and hospital companies. He is a sought after lecturer who has given dozens of speeches annually to Universities, business groups and trade organizations. He currently is teaching a course Advocacy in the Public Sector: Service in the Executive Branch, for the UMD Masters Advocacy and Political Leadership program.

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