Rebecca Goldburg

Honorary Degree Recipient

Doctor of Laws

College of Biological Sciences, May 18, 2002

Rebecca Goldburg earned her M.S. (1985) in Statistics and her Ph.D. (1986) in Ecology from the University of Minnesota. Today, she is a Senior Scientist at Environmental Defense's New York City headquarters. Trained as an ecologist and statistician, she is active in public policy issues concerning food production - primarily ecological and food safety issues pertaining to agricultural biotechnology, aquaculture (fish farming), and antibiotic use in agriculture. Dr. Goldburg is a member of USDA's Advisory Committee on Agricultural Biotechnology and its National Organic Standards Board. She recently served on the National Academy of Science's Committee on Genetically Modified Pest-Protected Crops and the US State Department's US-EU Consultative Forum on Biotechnology.

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