George Bugliarello

Honorary Degree Recipient

Doctor of Science
Institute of Technology, May 6, 2005

George Bugliarello joined the University of Minnesota as a Fulbright scholar in 1952 and went on to earn his Ph.D. from MIT in 1959. He has had an extraordinary career and is considered one of the most influential figures in the United States and abroad in science, engineering, education, and policy. He has held many academic titles including professor, and former chancellor and president of Polytechnic University. During the time he was president and chancellor of Polytechnic, he spearheaded the creation of Metrotech, a revitalization of the largest urban University-industry park in the nation. He has been a member of the National Academy of Engineering since 1987 and is a lifetime National Associate of the National Academies. He organized the first conference on "Women Engineering," thirty-seven years ago. He is the author of numerous journals and articles and has served on many editorial boards and committees. He is also the recipient of several awards and honorary degrees. Currently, he is serving a four-year term as Foreign Secretary of the National Academy of Engineering.

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