Fai-nan Perng

Honorary Degree Recipient

Doctor of Laws

College of Liberal Arts and System Academic Administration, August 21, 2006

Fai-nan Perng earned a Masters in Economics from the College of Liberal Arts, University of Minnesota in 1971 and returned to Taiwan to join the Central Bank of China. He then began a meteoric rise in the Central Bank and in international financial circles. He won the Best Performing Employee Award of the CBC in 1975. He became Director General of the Economic Research Department in 1986, General Manager of the Foreign Exchange Department in 1989, and Deputy Governor of the Central Bank of China in 1994. He served as Chairman of both the Central Trust of China and the International Commercial Bank of China, before returning to the Central Bank in his present role as Governor in 1998. His initiatives as Governor have been credited with contributing greatly to Taiwan's successful weathering of the Asian financial crisis. His accomplishments and reputation resulted in several countries, including the United States, seeking his counsel, wisdom, and recommendations regarding the monetary and foreign exchange systems in their respective countries.

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