Dale R. Olseth

Honorary Degree Recipient

Doctor of Laws

Medical School, May 13, 2004

Dale R. Olseth, a 1952 graduate of the University of Minnesota has lead a distinguished life and career. He has served as President and Chief Executive Officer of Tonka Corporation, Medtronic, Inc., and SurModics. He has consistently demonstrated extraordinary commitment to the community and to ethical leadership throughout his career. He is described as compassionate, generous, and tenacious in advancing the University of Minnesota and other educational and charitable causes. He has served as board member or chair of more than a dozen community organizations and is the co-founder of Cornerstone Program; a program that encourages people to increase their levels of giving to nonprofits. He is the recipient of numerous honors and awards including the University of Minnesota Outstanding Achievement Award, Outstanding Philanthropist of the Year, Minnesota Chapter of National Society of Fundraising Executives and the Distinguished Service Award, United Way, to name a few.

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