Charles M. Denny Jr.

Honorary Degree Recipient

Doctor of Laws

Humphrey Institute of Public Affairs, November 8, 2006

Charles M. Denny is described as one of Minnesota's most effective and admired CEOs in recent memory. For twenty years he served as president of ADC Telecommunications, a Fortune 500 company that achieved notable success as a worldwide leader in the field of broadband communications. Under his leadership, ADC was also known for its commitment to the community and its generous support to many important initiatives in the field of education. He served as chair of the board from 1991-1994. He is probably most recognized for his leadership in the area of ethical practices within corporations. As director of the Minnesota Center for Corporate Responsibility, he played a pivotal role in the drafting of the Minnesota Principles, the ethical guidelines developed by leaders of global business enterprises. He was instrumental in developing working relationships between ADC and Project for Pride in Living; he served as interim director of the Minnesota Community Development Agency; as an advocate of Alzheimer's Disease education and research; and, as an advocate of high technology and public support for education.

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