Ronald J. Adrian

Outstanding Achievement Award Recipient

College of Science and Engineering, February 2, 2017

Ronald J. Adrian, Regents Professor and Ira A. Fulton Professor of Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering, Arizona State University, received a bachelor of mechanical engineering degree in 1967 and a master of mechanical engineering degree in 1969 from the Institute of Technology (now the College of Science and Engineering) at the University of Minnesota. Adrian is considered to be one of the leading researchers in the world in the field of fluid dynamics. He is the pioneer developer of Laser Doppler Velocimeter and Particle Image Velocimeter, the two most important modern day fluid dynamics instruments. He is also the key developer of optimal algorithm for Linear Stochastic Estimation to uncover properties of turbulent flows. These discoveries are credited with advancing the understanding of turbulence, solving numerous complex fluid engineering problems, and starting a new instrument market. He has published close to 200-refereed contributions to the literature in his field, co-authored an influential monograph Particle Image Velocimetry in 2011, and is an inventor or co-inventor of eight patents. An accomplished academic engineer-scientist, Adrian has won numerous national and international research and academic awards and prizes.

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