Dorothy E. McIntyre

Outstanding Achievement Award Recipient

College of Education and Human Development, November 19, 2003

Dorothy E. McIntyre received a master of education degree from the University of Minnesota in 1970. Over a period of 45 years she has been an educator, a tireless advocate, an inspiring role model, and a dedicated leader, especially for girls and women in sports. She was the first woman employed by the Minnesota High School League in 1970. Because of her efforts and commitment to gender equity, today, over 3,659 teams participate in 23 different sports, including adaptive athletics. Her efforts on behalf of Title IX have enabled Minnesota to become a national leader for gender equity. The Minneapolis Star Tribune named her one of Minnesota’s 100 Most Important Sports Figures of the Century. She has been recognized by many organizations, including the Minnesota Honor Roll Teacher of the Year, the National Federation of State High School Association’s Award of Merit, and the Ann Bancroft Award.

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