Eric Xiandong Jing

Outstanding Achievement Award Recipient

Carlson School of Management, December 9, 2017

Eric Xiandong Jing received a China Executive MBA in 2005 from the Carlson School of Management (CSOM) at the University of Minnesota. He is president and CEO of Ant Financial Services Group, the online finance arm of the Alibaba Group. He served as CFO of Alipay for five years before taking over Ant Financial, which now runs Alipay. Ant provides millions of people who are unbanked with the tools to save, invest, manage risk, and access credit in ways that help empower them. He is credited with developing a suite of online banking services available to even the poorest people in China. In China alone, Ant Financial has amassed 450 million distinct users and recently it has acquired an additional 150 million unique accounts in India and other parts of Asia. Jing also helped launch MYbank, a private online bank in China dedicated to providing inclusive and innovative financial solutions for individuals and small and micro enterprises in urban and rural areas. In addition, he instigated the “Internet Accelerator” project, which works to partner with 1,000 traditional financial institutions and help them transition to the Internet. Jing is an avid proponent of education. He built a school in Tibet and helped pay for tuition for students in need in Guangzhou, China. He demonstrates his support for theCSOM by strengthening ties between CSOM and China, advancing teaching and research, and providing Chinese students with greater access to CSOM graduate programs in China and the United States. Jing serves on CSOM’s Board of Overseers and is the honorary president of the University of Minnesota Shanghai AlumniChapter.



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