Peter B. Reich

Regents Professor

Forest Resources, College of Food, Agricultural and Natural Resource Sciences, 2007

Peter B. Reich, Distinguished McKnight University Professor, Department of Forest Resources, College of Food, Agricultural and Natural Resources Sciences, is described by his nominators "as an international leader in the ecological, environmental and plant sciences, and among the most frequently cited researchers in his field in the world, and is a truly exceptional teacher and mentor." A truly stellar member of the faculty, Professor Reich has an exemplary reputation internationally for his work in plant biology, ecosystem ecology and global biology. He has been a PI or co-PI of nine awards totaling $7.35 million. As a result of his studies, there has been an increase in the understanding of the biology of higher plants. He has made many discoveries. For example, he discovered a universal size-based scaling law regarding metabolism in plants. His lab also identified the general equation that describes the instantaneous temperature response function of plant respiration as well as how plant respiration varies with seasonal temperature changes, and he discovered universal rules governing leaf design. His studies and research regarding global environmental change have contributed to a much better understanding of plant productivity and ecosystem sustainability, plant species diversity, elevated atmospheric CO 2 and N pollution. He has published approximately fifty scientific papers, which have appeared in Nature, Science, or the Proc.Natl.Acad.Sci. His work has also been featured in Discover magazine, and in major newspapers, radio and television. He is an extraordinary teacher and actively engages both graduate and undergraduate students. At least 200 undergraduates have acquired practical research experience working in his lab or his field study sites. He has advised over thirty Ph.D. and postdoctoral students. Former students have gone on to illustrious careers in academia. In addition, he serves as a mentor to many young scientists at institutions abroad including Argentina, Australia, China, Costa Rica, Poland, Spain, and Sweden. He is invited to give lectures at many universities and international congresses both in the United States and abroad. Professor Reich's service to the University is unparalleled, having served on numerous committees including the Biosphere-Atmosphere Science Search Committee, the Dean Search Committee, Vice President for Research Committee, Global Ecology Search Committee, the Cedar Creek natural History Area Executive Committee, to name a few. He also serves as co-leader of a University-wide initiative to develop education, outreach, and research activities centered on the topic of Ecosystem and Sustainability. This state-wide project involves over 100 people. He has served on the National Science Foundation and several federal agencies, as well as on the editorial boards of leading international journals. The University of Minnesota is fortunate to call Professor Peter Reich, world-class scientist, as one of its own.

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