President's Award for Outstanding Service

The University of Minnesota President's Award for Outstanding Service was established in 1997 to recognize faculty and staff (current or retired) who have provided exceptional service to the University, its schools, colleges, departments and service units. Such service must have gone well beyond the regular duties of a faculty or staff member, and demonstrate unusual commitment to the University community.

Selection Process

The President's Award for Outstanding Service Committee, appointed by the president, recommends candidates for this award to the president. The president will have final authority to grant the award, which does not require action by the Senate All-University Honors Committee or approval by the Board of Regents.


The nominee must be a current or retired member of the University faculty or staff who has not already received this award. Current members of the President's Senior Leadership Group are NOT eligible. They are:

  • Deans
  • Chancellors
  • Vice Presidents
  • Executive Vice President and Provost
  • President of the University of Minnesota Foundation
  • Director of Audits
  • Chief of Staff
  • General Counsel
  • Secretary to the Board of Regents
  • Athletics Director, Twin Cities Campus


Must be a current member of the faculty or staff, or alumni of the University.

Nominations must be submitted in the following format:

  • Cover Page: Complete the cover page to the nomination and submit with the complete nomination packet.
  • Letter from Nominator: Should focus on personal knowledge of the nominee's exceptional service, i.e., innovative service to students, the University community (broadly interpreted), individual units of the University, or outreach beyond the University.
  • Letter from the Person Nominee Reports To: Nomination must include a letter from the person to whom the nominee reports demonstrating their support for the nomination (this may be submitted as the letter of nomination or as one of the letters of support). If the person is retired, the letter should come from the person to whom they reported in their previous position.
  • Supporting Letters: Three (in addition to the letter from the nominator) from the nominee's peers in and outside the University. Again, these should focus on personal knowledge as above.
  • Vitae and/or Job Description: Appropriate for the position.

See: How many letters should be included in my nomination file?

Nomination Submission

Submit nominations to the President's Award for Outstanding Service Committee, c/o Vickie Courtney, director, University Awards and Honors, at

Nominations must be submitted as a single PDF file with email subject line "Nomination Submission for the 2022 President's Award for Outstanding Service."

Additional Information

Persons writing letters of nomination should know that such letters will be legally available to the nominee upon request, even to an unsuccessful candidate who becomes aware of the nomination. Nominators should also make sure that writers of supporting letters are aware that their letters, too, will be available upon request.

Recipients of the President's Award for Outstanding Service receive a one-time $1000 stipend with necessary taxes deducted. In addition, an engraved crystal award piece, a pin specifically designed for the President's Award for Outstanding Service, and a certificate will be presented to recipients at a recognition event to be announced.

If you have any questions about the nominating process, please contact Vickie Courtney, director, University Awards and Honors, at 612-625-4805 or


Nomination Deadline

The nomination deadline for the 2022 President's Award for Outstanding Service is March 4, 2022.