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Alumni Service Award

This award recognizes the service of a volunteer who has had a major impact on the University, its schools, colleges, departments, or faculty, or to the University of Minnesota Alumni Association (UMAA) or any of its constituent groups. Nominees must be a graduate or a former student of the University. They cannot be a current member of faculty or staff, or a sitting Regent, but retirees are eligible. Alumni Service Awards are not awarded to encourage or reward financial contributions to the University.

Nomination Submission Deadlines for 2016-17

It is recommended you allow at least six months from the time you begin the process to the time the award is presented. To help you determine the date to submit a nomination, see table with nomination submission deadlines, and for each submission deadline, the committee meeting date the nomination would be considered, and if approved by the committee, the meeting date the nomination would be considered by the BOR.


Must be a current member of the faculty or staff or an alumnus or alumna of the University.

Nominations must be submitted in the following format:

Nomination Submission

Submit To the honors committee of the appropriate college/unit, if one exists. The nomination is then forwarded to the Senate All-University Honors Committee. If a college/unit does not have an honors committee, the nomination should be submitted directly to the Senate All-University Honors Committee, c/o Vickie Courtney, at Nominations must be submitted as a single PDF file with the email subject line “Nomination Submission to the Senate All-University Honors Committee.”


This process is confidential. No disclosure is to be made to the nominee or others. A nomination approved by the Senate All-University Honors Committee is submitted to the president and, finally, to the Board of Regents for approval. Once the Board of Regents has made a decision and the nominee has accepted, the award is no longer confidential. Nominators should make sure that others involved are aware that the nomination process is confidential.

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