2002 President's Award for Outstanding Service Recipients

2002 Recipients of President's Award for Outstanding Service

2002 Recipients of the President's Award for Outstanding Service.

Terence G. Collins

Terence G. Collins, Morse-Alumni Distinguished Teaching Professor of Communication, has been the Director of Academic Affairs and Curriculum in General College since 1995. A University graduate with a Ph.D. in English, he began teaching in General College in 1976. Under his leadership as Director of Academic Affairs, faculty productivity tripled as measured by scholarly work and revenues significantly expanded in sponsored research activity. He was the leading force behind the establishment of the General College's Center for Research on Developmental Education and Urban Literacy, a seed program funded by the University that grew into an internationally regarded center providing research on post-secondary access and literacy issues. Another outstanding contribution has been his success in promoting multiculturalism at every level. He has worked on several University-wide initiatives to ensure a quality education for students including the development of the nationally recognized Disability Services Office. He is the co-creator of Curriculum Transformation and Disability (CTAD), a project to train faculty members in the use of Universal Design principles to create an accessible and welcoming academic environment for students with disabilities. He has also been supportive of programs designed to assist immigrant and refugee populations achieve the academic skills necessary to compete in post-secondary institutions. Throughout his career he has served on numerous college and University committees to make specific and lasting improvements to the climate and culture of the University of Minnesota. He has also been a strong community citizen, volunteering his time and talent at many agencies.

Bonnie Brysky

Bonnie Brysky has served the University of Minnesota at the Community-University Health Care Center (CUHCC) for 30 years. She currently is the Coordinator of Mental Health and Social Services at Community University Care Center/Variety Children's Clinic (CUHCC/VCC), an off-campus University clinic serving primarily low income families; she is also the interim Chief Operating Officer of the clinic. Ms. Byrsky is known for her dedication to providing access to mental health services for persons who are from diverse cultures and nationality. Some of the efforts she has led include: working with the Native American community, establishing one of the largest Southeast Asian Refugee Mental Health Programs in the United States with specialty programs for Asian battered women, Asian drug abuse and gambling addictions, a growing Hispanic program, and, recently, a program for Somali refugees suffering from PTSD and depression as a result of their Civil War.

Stephanie Dilworth

Stephanie Dilworth is a University of Minnesota graduate and currently works as a principal auditor in the Department of Audits. She is considered a leader by her colleagues in the Department of Internal Audits and also the greater University community. In her first year on the Civil Service Committee she became active on the Professional Development subcommittee. She organized the first Staff Day four years ago and continues to contribute her efforts to keep the tradition of recognizing contributions of Civil Service and Bargaining Unit employees at the University. Her leadership and commitment to service led to her appointment as Chair of the Civil Service Committee for the year of 1999-00. She has served on the faculty and staff committee of Campaign Minnesota and has participated in the pilot testing for the Certified Approver Program. She also piloted the President's Emerging Leaders Program. She is active in the greater community, serving as Assistant Regional Director of Iota Phi Lambda, a business sorority that does community service and raises scholarship funds.

Curt Knutson

Curt Knutson is a Principal Veterinary Technician in the College of Veterinary Medicine. He supervises the junior surgery laboratory, the clinical skills laboratory, and the senior surgery elective rotation. He was the first Certified Veterinary Technician to be hired by the University of Minnesota. He is known for his devotion to students, faculty and administration by his exceptional attitude and work ethic. He has worked tirelessly to ensure that the laboratories “are the best of any college of veterinary medicine in the country” and has spent countless nights and weekends traveling all over Minnesota to acquire equipment necessary to make these laboratories state-of-the-art. His “deal making” has saved the College of Veterinary Medicine thousands of dollars. He is an invaluable resource for students in all of the laboratories. Because of his empathy and concern for animals he has been a role model for the students in the surgery and anesthesia laboratories. He is the driving force behind an effort to find homes through the local humane shelters for dogs after surgery. Students were then able to learn an important surgical technique, as well as placing animal patients in welcoming homes.

Angel Lopez

Angel “Andy” Lopez is a Professor of Computer Science at the University of Minnesota, Morris. Over his career, he was the architect of Morris' campus computing plan, the founder and long-time director of the campus computing center and the key player in the development of the UMM computer science major. He and his spouse established “Info-Link,” a Morris business that provided the first internet service in western Minnesota, which is an important internship teaching site for many UMM computer science majors. He has served in numerous leadership roles at Morris and all-University assignments including serving as chair of the University Senate Committee on Information Technology, the interim chair of the Division of Science and Mathematics, and on numerous search committees in and outside his division. He is known for his contributions to students of color and international students. He is described as a superb adviser with high expectations while demonstrating great patience.

Jeanne D. Markell

Jeanne D. Markell, Assistant Dean & Director, Extension Services, has served in roles ranging from educator to key spokesperson for the University. She has served in major leadership roles to a variety of programs such as Commission on Women; University in the Community outreach programs; University Consortium on Children, Youth and Family; Minnesota Rural Futures; and president of both the Minnesota and National Council on Family Relations. She continues to play a significant role in the restructuring of Extension Services. She has demonstrated her commitment to serving staff and stakeholders during these years of change through leadership, focus and direction. University outreach to the people in Minnesota communities has been at the heart of her work since she began her career as an Extension home economist and county Extension director in Carver County. This provided her with a foundation for her work on the University Outreach Council and the strategic plan for outreach she co-authored in 1990. In addition, she has a reputation as a coach and a mentor throughout the University community. Through her unending dedication to her work she has helped to make the University and greater Minnesota communities a better place for all.

Carol Miller

Carol Miller is a Professor in the Department of American Studies. She is widely known for her commitment to diversity and her University–wide leadership in improving undergraduate teaching. She has served in various administrative positions within both of her departments (American Studies and Native American Studies) and worked untiringly with graduate students, especially those from minority cultures. She has participated in numerous selection processes for faculty grants and awards as well as serving on University Senate and other University–wide committees. Through her work on these various committees, she has established an outstanding reputation as an innovative and insightful leader and, as such, she has played a role in advancing the University's overall agenda for diversity. Her work on diversity is integrated with her active support of women's issues on campus. For several years she served on the Executive Committee of the Commission on Women (now known as the Office for University Women) and helped to chart its course to improve the climate for women on campus. She is the recipient of the CLA Horace T. Morse–Alumni Distinguished Teaching Award. She has served as a college consultant on writing intensive courses and created two courses for the SEAM Program, which supports minority student learners. She has also co–developed The Voices from the Gaps Web site, an award–winning online resource about the work of American minority women writers.

Susana Pelayo-Woodward

Susana Pelayo-Woodward is the Director of the Hispanic/Latino/Chicana Learning Resource Center at the University of Minnesota, Duluth. She also serves as the Director of the Women's Resource and Action Center. She is deeply committed to serving students, the University community, and the Duluth community. She has designed and implemented innovative system–wide programs for students beginning at the high school level. She has brought to the UMD campus internationally–known scholars, human rights activists, artists, and journalists. She instituted the annual Fiesta as a celebration of Latin Cultures in the Americas and established the Dia de Los Muertos cultural exhibit at the Tweed Museum. She serves on numerous community advisory boards, in particular with organizations that focus on social justice. She was instrumental in forming the Adelante parent/community advisory board, played a major role in the feasibility study to implement the new cultural center, and is active with the Duluth Schools Latino/Hispanic Cultural Center. She is also active on the UMD Commission on Women.

Kevin G. Roberts

Kevin G. Roberts is an Electromechanical Systems Specialist in the Microtechnology Laboratory (MTL), a research center in the Institute of Technology. In addition to his work as a processing specialist in MTL, he is a scholar and researcher. His extraordinary commitment and level of service has had a significant impact on a diverse group of people both within the University and greater communities. His commitment to improving the education of University students, his professional dedication to the improvement of knowledge in his field and disseminating this knowledge and his tireless efforts are examples of his willingness and ability to make significant contribution to MTL, the students, faculty and research groups of the University of Minnesota. These efforts have contributed to the economic growth of many companies. He is described as an extraordinary mentor and a wonderful ambassador for the University of Minnesota.

Thomas W. Shaughnessy

Thomas W. Shaughnessy held the University Librarian position from 1989 to his retirement in 2001. During his tenure he provided direction, leadership, and innovation for the University Libraries during a revolutionary period in scholarly communication, technology development, and information access. During this period of rapid technological change, he dedicated resources to the creation and support of a Staff Development and Training Team. He also established a support staff awards program to encourage and reward excellence among Civil Service and Bargaining Unit staff. The Libraries took the lead in bringing in a diverse workforce into libraries and information science and, under his leadership in 1998, the Libraries instituted the nationally recognized Training Institute for Early Career Librarians from Traditionally Underrepresented Groups. Because of his leadership and vision, CIC Virtual Electronic Library was established – a service that now provides open access to some 60 million books for more than 500,000 students and 35,000 faculty across the CIC–member universities. He was also instrumental in the creation of the Elmer L. Andersen Library and the renovation of Walter Library.

Deborah Shubat

Deborah Shubat, Sr. Research Plot Technician, Department of Biology, University of Minnesota, Duluth, is responsible for maintaining the plant collections used in teaching laboratories, growing seedlings for specific laboratory exercises, and assisting faculty in botanical research. One of her significant accomplishments is in community service. She has conducted countless tours through the UMD greenhouses for schools, community, and civic organizations. Each month she has created educational exhibits for the greenhouse display window that features plants from the greenhouse, their history and how they relate to holidays, health, or current research. She was instrumental in organizing a Farmer's Market at UMD. The Farmer's Market brought in people from the community to interact with members of the UMD community and contributed to the positive public image of the University.

Roby C. Thompson, Jr.

Roby C. Thompson, Jr., is a world–recognized orthopedic surgeon, teacher, and researcher. He has served as a department head, an Associate Dean for Clinical Affairs, Associate Vice President for Clinical Affairs in the Health Sciences, and as Chair of the Board and Chief Executive Officer of University of Minnesota Physicians. He demonstrated his commitment to leadership and excellence during the transition of the University Hospital to Fairview. He worked to ensure its continuance as the primary hospital for health profession student education, the performance of clinical research, and the practice of medicine by the faculty of the Medical School. He also lead the transition from eighteen individual department–based practice plans in the Medical School to what is now a single integrated group practice that is recognized locally, regionally, and nationally for its competitiveness in the marketplace, excellence of its care delivery, and service to people. He has been a role model for, and has actively mentored students, residents, and faculty. Colleagues state that his commitment to excellence is legendary and that he has served the University with commitment, dignity, and boundless energy.

Deborah Zak

Deborah Zak is the Northwest District Director, Extension Services. She represents the University throughout the Northwest District, which now includes 13 counties. She has an office in Crookston, St. Paul and her home. She often logs over 40,000 work miles a year. Her notable accomplishments include the work she has done with the White Earth Reservation Science and Math Summer Program. The program won awards at the state and national level under her leadership. The program provides quality educational programs for underprivileged Native American students. She has profoundly touched the lives of many. Her dedication and efforts have brought about positive changes for individuals as well as organizations. She also received the USDA Secretary's Honor Award in 1988 for her work with the blizzards and flood in her district. She is described as an outstanding individual who has earned the respect, honor, and trust of others.