Sandy Morris

Alumni Service Award Recipient

College of Design, September 29, 2010

Sandy Morris received a bachelor of arts degree in history and journalism (1964) from the School of Journalism in the College of Liberal Arts and a master of arts in educational psychology (1972) from the College of Education and Human Development at the University of Minnesota. She is described as an outstanding volunteer leader, supporter, and advocate for the Goldstein Museum of Design (GMD) and the University of Minnesota for more than 28 years. She became actively involved in the Friends of the Goldstein Museum of Design (FGMD) soon after it was created, first as a board member in 1982 and then as president from 1995 to 1997. Following her service as president, she served in an advisory capacity as a past president. Because of her dedication and commitment, she took on the important role as chair of the museum's directors fund campaign, which raised $400,000 in gifts and pledges to fund a permanent director position for the museum. She is a life member of the University of Minnesota Alumni Association and has been a University President's Club member since 1992 and Trustees Society member since 2009.

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