Robert Graber

Alumni Service Award Recipient

College of Science and Engineering, October 20, 2016

Robert Graber received a bachelor of computer science in 1986 from the College of Science and Engineering (CSE) at the University of Minnesota. He is the senior IT coordinator at Reell Precision Manufacturing and has worked there for 24 years in a variety of positions. He is an avid volunteer for CSE since 2010. Currently, he serves on the Executive Committee of the college’s Alumni Society Board. During his six years on the board, he has served as vice chair (2012-2013), and later chair (2013-2015). Graber is CSE’s representative to the University of Minnesota Alumni Association’s Collegiate Counsel, and is completing a three-year term. A strong supporter of the University of Minnesota Solar Vehicle Project (SVP), Graber serves as a member of its Advisory Board (since 2015), where he provides advice, helps the students secure financial funding, and provides in-kind support. In addition, he assists the students in finding facilities to use to build the solar vehicle, and informally mentors students on the SVP team.

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