Robert A. Bjork

Alumni Service Award Recipient

Carlson School of Management, October 11, 2012

Robert A. Bjork received a bachelor of science in business degree from the Carlson School of Management in 1981. Currently, he is the managing partner of Birch Cove Group, Ltd. He is described as an outstanding example of an involved and engaged alumnus, committed to making a difference at the University of Minnesota through board involvement, mentoring, and assisting with career opportunities. He has served as a mentor to numerous students through his 17 years of work with the Carlson Mentorship Program and has been an active member of the Carlson School's Undergraduate Advisory Board (serving as chair from 2006-2008). In addition, he is a founding committee member of the GopherBusiness program at the University of Minnesota, a residential summer business camp for diverse, high-potential high school students interested in a future in business and in making a difference in the Twin Cities community.

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