Paul D. Meierant

Alumni Service Award Recipient

College of Liberal Arts, October 8, 2009

Paul D. Meierant received a bachelor of arts in speech communication in the College of Liberal Arts (CLA) at the University of Minnesota. He is a dedicated volunteer for CLA and the University of Minnesota. He served on the CLA Alumni Society Board for seven years, including a term as board president (2005-2007); participated in numerous CLA Alumni Society student recruitment and mentoring activities; and led a variety of student career development initiatives. In addition, he was actively involved in the UMAA/Target Task Force, where he led several initiatives such as beautifying the campus, building community among University and Big 10 alumni through company and campus events, mentoring and recruiting fellow employees as mentors, and organizing annual student visits to company headquarters to educate them about career planning and employment opportunities. He was named CLA Alumnus of Notable Achievement in 2007. Presently, he is a Business Support Manager for SUPERVALU, Inc.

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