N.L. Gault, Jr.

Alumni Service Award Recipient

Medical School, August 20, 2008

N. L. Gault, Jr., graduate from the University of Minnesota Medical School in 1950, is a former dean and faculty member of the Medical School. A dedicated volunteer for decades, he has served as a board member and president of the Medical Alumni Society; a donor and volunteer for the Minnesota Medical Foundation; and a volunteer for reunions and commencements. He has volunteered his time for both the International Health and Scholarship Campaigns and as a mentor for current medical students through Connections, a mentoring program. The Neal and Sarah Gault endowment in the Minnesota Medical Foundation provides financial support for numerous medical students. This endowment provides students the opportunity to spend clinical electives in developing countries and experience healthcare in resource poor countries. Most currently, he has served on the Leadership Council for the Program in Human Sexuality, which is comprised of a group of dedicated health practitioners, alumni, and donors whose mission is to help make the Program in Human Sexuality the preeminent sexual health center in the country. Dr. Neal Gault is a truly committed volunteer whose contributions have made the Medical School and the University a strong, better place.

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