Michael Zakula

Alumni Service Award Recipient

School of Dentistry, September 24, 2015

Michael Zakula graduated from the School of Dentistry in 1976 at the University of Minnesota. He has had a private orthodontics practice in Hibbing, Minnesota since 1980. Zakula is credited with spearheading the effort to secure support to open the Hibbing Community College Dental Clinic in 2002. This was a collaborative effort with the School of Dentistry and Academic Health Center, and the Minnesota Dental Association. Since 2002, the School of Dentistry has sent more than 900 students to Hibbing for clinical education and patient care experiences. Described as a champion of affordable dental education for students, he partnered with Delta Dental of Minnesota Foundation to create Dedicated to Minnesota Dentists, a Dental Loan Repayment for Service Program. Zakula is a strong supporter of the School of Dentistry. He has served on numerous committees and on the Dean’s Board of Advisors.

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