Marie Manthey

Alumni Service Award Recipient

School of Nursing, October 11, 2012

Marie Manthey, a tireless advocate for nursing education and practice, received a bachelor of science degree in nursing administration from the School of Nursing in 1964. In 1999, she received an honorary Doctor of Laws degree from the University of Minnesota, the first ever presented by the School of Nursing. Her extensive volunteer service includes serving as president of the Nursing Alumni Society, chair of the Nursing Alumni Society Board's Heritage Committee, and co-chair of the School's 2009 Centennial Planning Committee. She played a key role in planning the All-School Centennial Gala, hosting special events throughout the year, and selecting historic images for the Centennial mural displayed in Weaver-Densford Hall. She is also a founding member of the Densford Center Advisory Council. Additionally, through her work and her contributions, she has inspired School of Nursing alumni and friends to establish an endowed professorship that will advance innovative healthcare and practices.

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