Katherine Siggerud

Alumni Service Award Recipient

Humphrey School of Public Affairs, October 11, 2012

Katherine Siggerud, described as an exemplar of the Humphrey School of Public Affairs mission "to advance the common good in a diverse world," received a master's degree from the School in 1987. Since graduating, she has been employed by the United States Accountability Office (GAO). She was first stationed in the Chicago Office and currently she is the managing director of Congressional Relations in Washington, D.C. For the past 15 years, she has mentored, coached and connected numerous Humphrey students and graduates to the GAO. She helped to activate the Humphrey School alumni organization in Washington, D.C., now the site of the second largest concentration of Humphrey alumni worldwide. For three-years she served as a Washington, D.C. representative on the Humphrey School Alumni Society Board, and has been one of the longest standing, most generous annual contributors to the Humphrey Alumni Scholarship Fund. In 2010, she became a charter member of the Leadership Circle of scholarship supporters.

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