Juanita Luis

Alumni Service Award Recipient

College of Liberal Arts, October 29, 2008

Juanita Luis received a bachelor of arts in History, College of Liberal Arts (CLA) (1972) and a Juris Doctor, Law School (1977) from the University of Minnesota. Her legal career began at The St. Paul Companies, Inc. in 1978, and in 1995, she founded Luis Legal Services, working as a legal consultant on corporate transactions and insurance regulation until 2001, at which time she joined United Health Groups as Associate General Counsel. She has served on various CLA committees including the CLA Alumni Service Board, the CLA Mentor Program, and she has participated as an alumni speaker at a CLA commencement. She has also served on many University-wide committees including the University Advisory Committee on Athletics, the National Board of Directors for the University of Minnesota Alumni Service and the All-University Honors Committee. The University of Minnesota is lucky to have Nita Luis as one of its most loyal and dedicated ambassadors.

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